About Bible Bission History

Past history of ‘The Bible Mission’:

For the convenience of the reader, we have organized the Bible Mission history in three phases. They are: The Early, the Later and the Present history of the Bible Mission. When St. M. Devadas began preaching about 1) The Baptism of the Holy Spirit, 2) The gift of tongues, 3) The gift of visions, 4) Divine healing, 5) Casting out demons, 6) The Rapture & 7) Waiting (for the Lord’s revelation); there came a great uproar from the leaders of the Lutheran Mission. When asked why he is teaching them, (since they do not conform to the Lutheran doctrines) he said that, the reason they are in the Bible, he is teaching them to the public. Yet, the elders of the mission forbade him teaching them.

This is the time Lord is looking for, to reveal His “Bible Mission” to this great man of God.

The Revelation:

On 31st January of 1938, at about 3:00 p.m., when St. M. Devadas sat in prayer, a great luster from heaven filled his room. In that he saw the golden letters in Telugu, “The Bible Mission.” Then the Lord told him to start His mission with His given principles & practices with His constant fellowship.

Though St. M. Devadas was 90yrs old at that time he obliged to God’s revelation and started the mission having kept the Lord as the sole leader, guide, Patron and in-charge of it. He said “It is not my mission or India’s mission, but the mission of the Lord. And He alone must run, cater, provide and develop His mission. With this staunch faith he started the Bible mission in Andhra Pradesh, India.

The Founding:

St. M. Devadas established the Bible mission on May 5th 1938, with a very limited number of followers. (It is the Lord’s commission that the Bible mission should not depend on the foreign aid in any form.) Even those who loved him very much rejected him, on the pretext of the Bible mission. Mere faith alone is the sole base for him and the evangelists working in this mission. This is the base of his faith: The Bible Mission is not born out of human efforts but of God, the Almighty.

His main ministry is in form of printing gospel tracts and distributing them among various caste Hindus. He also used ‘a kind of local made trumpet’, which is named as ‘The voice of Maranatha” to preach the gospel in popular indigenous forms which appeal to all sections of people alike.

Thus, he founded the mission on mere faith lines without fixing any remuneration for his workers.

Early hardships:

The followers of Bible mission suffered greater hardships for their faith during their early years. Many people, who became a part of Bible Mission, were socially boycotted from their villages. They were not allowed to take water from the village ponds. They were not sold any commodities. They were not allowed in Church buildings for any marriage functions and social get-togethers. They were not given work in the fields. All these, came from the local Christians. Because, the some of the believers of this mission, belong to other denominations primarily, Lutheran.

This paved the way for the mission to penetrate among the Hindus who were convinced by the liberal theology of St. M. Devadas. As it is the message from the life of St. M. Devadas, that hardships are the royal cab of glory, the early followers felt it as a privilege to suffer for their mission. Even, they did not complain of their troubles.

New Challenges:

     Both the Pastor and the Church suffered alike in the early days of the mission. As the Church members were put to all sorts of restrictions, some of them withdrew from the Bible Mission. In some places the Bible Mission churches became very week. Yet, they sprouted again in course of time.

As the workers didn’t have constant income and fixed salary, these conditions augmented their woes further. To cope up with this situation was really a challenging task for the workers to continue their ministry in the Bible Mission. Many believers sold their lands and properties for supporting their mission workers. The Christian leaders of other denominations had made it their mandate to debase and throw false allegations on the Bible Mission and its workers. They claimed that St. M. Devadas was a ‘false Prophet’ and the Bible Mission which was revealed in mid air, would soon be mixed up in ether and would be no more after his death.

But it is the promise of the Lord that the Bible Mission shall reach all the places where ever the air can penetrate. Creating faith in the Bible Mission among the Christians and the fresh converts was the other tough challenge, the mission had faced. The following lines are the only answer for all the challenges and woes of the Bible Mission.

1) Thou hast established – Thou wilt provide;

2) Thou hast established – Thou wilt Prosper.

3) Thou hast established – Thou wilt Bring name.

4) Thou hast established – Thou wilt lead.

5) Thou hast established – Thou wilt guide

6) Thou hast established – Thou wilt rectify

7) Thou hast established – Thou wilt bring people

8) Thou hast established – Thou wilt turned the world

9) Thou hast established – Thou wilt


Turning Points:

In course of asserting itself in the main stream of Christianity, the Bible Mission has witnessed many turning points. The peculiar principles introduced by St. M. Devadas, formed majority of them. Since there are no fixed salaries for the workers, they always looked to Jesus for any small help they are at need. This formed the solid base for their life of faith which anchored them to the Lord against all tempests of this world. This was led to the further mission expansion.

The Special Bible classes conducted by him gathered all the workers and enriched their understanding and experience on the themes of faith, hope, witness, endurance and so on. Since the Biblical teaching had its deep penetration into the mindset of the workers, their commitment to ministry became solid and lasting.  The special meetings for the anointment of the Holy Spirit are very crucial in the early history of the mission. The healing campaigns paved the way for the people to come in and the Holy Spirit anointment meetings established them in the mission as staunch believers and later turned them into faithful workers.

This was how the early days of Bible Mission were in terms of its founding and standing.

The Later History of the Bible Mission:

This phase witnessed some amount of steady progress in the mission’s struggle to assert itself on par with the others by the efficient measures taken up by Father Devadas with the help of some resourceful people at his disposal. Firstly, he registered his mission and then, started certain healing centers and framed the executive body and so on.

Rajahmundry to Guntur:

     Due to the separatist turmoil at Rajahmundry, he had to leave that place. In that sojournment, he came to Prathipadu and started a healing center there. From there he came to Eluru and finally to Guntur on 15th February 1949.

This event had turned the course of Bible Mission’s history. In Guntur he came to “Bethel House”, the residence of Rao Bahadur J. Raja Rao who voluntarily invited him to be there. Here Fr. Devadas saw a written vision on which was mentioned: “Lord, Jehova had brought you to this place.”

This vision was fulfilled in course of 12 years, which he spent there, explaining the meaning of ‘The Song of Songs’ and “The Book of Revelation.’ This place witnessed the growth of the mission and the fulfillment of Fr. Devadas’ vision.


     Guntur became the center of the Bible Mission and its main network. The fullness of the mission is slowly seen here. Here, Fr. Devadas started his famous healing center at Kakani, near Guntur on ‘Monday’ the 16th of May 1949. Since then he concentrated on the ecumenical character of the mission and published at least 40 new books on various new themes, concepts and practices of Christian life in the Bible Mission. At last, nearly after a full decade of growth and stability of the mission at Guntur, he registered his God revealed mission, according to His original revelation, as “The Bible Mission” in 1959, July 22nd. Then he praised God saying, “Lord, by now, I could able to set up your mission in the manner, Thou hast revealed me.”

First Executive:

After proper registration, Fr. Devadas nominated four of his senior Reverends and as the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Joint Secretary. When asked about his becoming the first President of the mission, he calmly remarked that He was just the first member of the Bible mission and that He is only a God’s servant but not an executive authority in the mission.

They are; Rev. B. Elisha, Rev. B. Charles, Rev. G. Samuel and Rev. P.M. Jacob, respectively. They are out of many, some of the prominent persons that clung to Fr. Devadas in his old age, particularly during the time of bitter cleavage. Thus, he set his mission on the firm grounding and took every step for it’s further enhancement and penetration.


Present History of the Bible Mission:

St. M. Devadas left this world and went home in 1960. Till that time, he worked for the mission and laboured hard to make it strong. After his departure some commented that, this old man’s mission will soon die down like him. Yet, the Bible mission is still alive and more active under the auspicious prayers of St. M. Devadas and constant guidance and the grace of the Lord Almighty.

During his very last days he remarked that he would be emptying the crucible of his suffering body and after which he would make the mission run like anything. You and I are the witnesses of that statement. For the Bible mission has reached its zenith, today, truly after the four decades of Father’s departure.

Stability and growth:

     Because of the unitary command of St. M. Devadas and his teachings, though the mission expanded in terms of its number of branches and multiplicity of membership, since majority of them primarily came from the traditional Hindu Communities, it was stable and free from all types of internal tumults and external cleavages.

Presently, the Bible Mission had its own place and rank among the other denominations of the Christendom. It was estimated as the first, fast growing Church in the Indian Sub-continent. The Annual Convention of the mission is the main attraction and prime source of its growth. Nearly, 15 million of people have gathered this year and were fed for three full days on every 27th, 28th and 29th of January. These are the fixed dates of the Annual Conventions.


Missionary Campaigns:

Chiefly, the growth was observed from the various missionary campaigns organized and arranged by Rev. S. Samuel, the former president of the mission, to many capitals and important cities of India. People who are interested in Gospel work and tract distribution were taken by him in three to four tourist buses, depending on the number, to various cities only to fill them with the Gospel messages that are typical of the Bible Mission. Most of the visited places now bear fruit for the Bible Mission. It is he that sought after the mission’s development, after the departure of St. M. Devadas. Here, it is noteworthy to mention the prayerful support of Smt. P.J. Graceamma to Rev. S. Samuel, in tune with the mission’s growth and progress.


Widening Horizons:

With these missionary camps the Bible Mission has made known its existence, work and vision to the rest of the Christian world in India and abroad. Now its network has expanded even to other countries. Due to his selfless services in the mission, Rev. S. Samuel was asked to the 1984 world Christian leaders conference held at Amsterdam under the leadership of Billy Graham. But he sent one young evangelist, in his place, to voice the message of the Bible Mission. That was the first International appearance of the Mission.

From then on wards, it never looked back. Many Gulf countries invited the mission speakers to conduct meetings there. Most of the African countries witnessed the glory of the Bible Mission. Now the doors are opened for the Bible Mission in Singapore and they shall never be shut until we completely establish our work on this surface of the earth.

Able Administration:

In the recent past, with the advent of Rev. Dr. J. John Selvaraj, the mission has seen thorough and proper functioning in terms of its administrative matters. He regularized many things in the mission. He abolished some of the harmful practices, in the mission, in tune with the footsteps of his predecessor. And incorporated certain new visions and ideals for the efficient output and growth of the mission.

He commissioned the translations of St. M. Devadas writings into various Indian languages with special reference to English the official language of India. For his outstanding contribution in governing and pampering the mission, he was declared “The International Man of year, 2000.”


Beyond the Boundaries:

Now, the Bible Mission was the focus of many Christian leaders and researchers, who tried to observe and analyze its activities and development from various dimensions of theological, religious and empirical models.

This paved the way for others to study and reflect upon the mission. The ‘Rainbow Team’ from the United States of America visited the Head Office, at Guntur and specially watched the healing programs conducted there in.

Delegates from the United Kingdom (England), Australia, America, Africa and Singapore visited various healing Centers of the Bible Mission and glorified God for the work of the Bible Mission. A Doctoral thesis has been submitted to the University of Hyderabad, on one of the premier topics of the mission i.e. the meaning of The Song of Songs, by Dr. D. Daniel Dinakar in 1999.

The Clarion Call:

     The Bible Mission with all its full-fledged state and outlook, now stands at the cross roads of the Universe and invites the subjects to come to the redemptive cross of Christ. We particularly extend our warm welcomes to the present day Christendom, who are now gathered in Singapore, to get united at His feet and listen to His voice only to do according to what He says in evangelizing the whole world and preparing the universal church as the spotless Bride.

This was the small prayer offered by St. M. Devadas to realize this mission:

O Lord! Appear unto me

Appear unto all.

O Lord! Speak unto me

Speak unto all.

Having Christ as its chief Teacher and Modulator the Bible Mission with His revealed universal expositions, principles and practices, invites the rest of the Christian world to be prepared as His raptured “Bride Church” who put on the form and nature of the Bridegroom, Jesus Christ.


The Legacy:

Now, the Bible Mission leaves behind it a great legacy from its varied and excellent spiritual traditions which epitomized the Rapture preparation and the pure state of the young Bride.

Nearly, after 78 years of its inception, the mission had become truly mature and strong enough to influence the world in general and the Christian world in particular under the dynamic young leadership Rev Dr. J. Samuel Kiran, S/o Rev Dr. J. John Selvaraj, the present Vice President of the Bible Mission, who developed the Bible Mission in many ways by enhancing the mission program in terms of conducting Bible Classes for regular evangelists of the mission, and Bible Courses Theology and Ministry to the young and enthusiastic men and women from all around India. He constructed several Huge Buildings particularly “The mansion of St. M. Devadas, which is own for accommodating and hosting multi spiritual activities in its five floors and four separate wings all at a time by the grace of the Holy Spirit.

He established and developed the Bible Mission churches in the United States of America, Abudabi, Dubai, U.A.E., Singapore and South Asian Nations neighbhouring Indian sub continents. His mother Dr. J. Pramila Selvaraj, Wife of Rev. Dr. J. John Selvaraj, should behind him like solid pillar through her prayer, preaching gifted Singing that elevated the mission`s congregational worship and conventional meeting to new spiritual heights. Mrs. J. Reena Samuel obedience wife of Rev Dr. J. Samuel Kiran is the silent source of his secret strength and encouragement. All these efforts for the Bible Mission caved the way towards one particular goal i.e. is the Rapture (The second coming of Jesus Christ).

It unfolds the path way to the ‘Bride’s line’ and encourages the Churches to practice the silent hour (Sannidhi) so as to transform their shape and nature to the likeness of the Sun of Righteousness, Jesus Christ.

Dear friend, Here we invite you to ponder upon this wonderful Mission and be a part of its glorious mission and vision.

May God bless you and catch you up in His Rapture. Maranatha


Executive Heads

Rev. Dr. N. Sathyanandam


Rev. Dr. j. Samuel Kiran

Vice President

Rev. Dr. N. Yesurathnam


రెవ. డా. పి. యమ్. శాంతి రాజు



Rev. Dr. N. Vijaya Raju

Joint Secretary

Rev. P. John Devadasu

Joint Secretary

Rev. S. Aharonu Kumar

Joint Secretary

Rev. Dr. N. J. Sharon Kumar

Joint Secretary